Sunday, September 27, 2009

Social Networking for Authors

I started doing marketing research about a year before my historical fiction novel was published - and wish I would have had Michael Volkin's Social Networking for Authors to guide my way.

This book not only defines social networking to those new to its use, but thoroughly explains how it can help you sell books. For new authors trying to navigate the complex world of social networking and book marketing, this book is a resource that will help you focus your efforts.

Social Networking for Authors is divided into two parts. Part 1 discusses numerous tips and tricks you can use to enhance website traffic and increase sales, and Part 2 discusses how to sell books via social networking.

Most importantly, Volkin's book offers a host of free tools that literally took me years to stumble across. I was able to take my novel to a #1 spot in the historical/romance category using many of the suggestions in this book - but the hours I lost while stumbling blindly through the maze of social networking sites is incalculable.

I’ve been disappointed by many marketing books, but the amount of time this one will save you makes it well worth the price.

Jessica James