Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Chanukah Guilt & Talk Dirty Yiddish

Chanukah Guilt
By Ilene Schneider
ISBN: 1934041319

Rabbi Aviva Cohen is a 50-something, twice-divorced rabbi living a rather uneventful life in South Jersey. True, she has a family that is rather unconventional. And her first ex-husband is moving to her town. But her life takes a truly interesting – and sinister – turn when she agrees to officiate at the funeral of an unpopular land developer.

She doesn’t expect to be told by two different people that he had been murdered. Nor does she expect that the first funeral will result in a suicide. Her search for the story behind the suicide (or was it murder?) will lead her to discover the truism “appearances can be deceiving” is accurate, while putting her life in jeopardy. (The first in a series.)


Talk Dirty Yiddish
ISBN: 1598698567

Similar to other books on the Yiddish language, Talk Dirty Yiddish is a lexicon of Yiddish words and phrases, transliterated into the Latin alphabet and translated into colloquial English. But it differs from these other books in that it goes beyond being a listing of words and phrases with their translations: each phrase or word is followed by humorous examples of how to use the words in English conversation. The book also contains sidebars on almost every page, as well as appendices, with "fun" trivia, little known facts, history, and background of the language, Judaism, and the Jewish people.

Rabbi Ilene Schneider, Ed.D., has yet to decide what (or who) she wants to be when she grows up. One of the first six women ordained as a rabbi in the U.S., she is currently Coordinator of Jewish Hospice for Samaritan Hospice in Marlton, NJ, near Philadelphia. She can be reached at