Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Three books in one with Abraxas

The Abraxas Series: Books 1-3
By Cinsearae Santiago

Set in Philadelphia, the first three novellas of the ABRAXAS series are combined in one volume, complimented with scenic imagery throughout!

Christine Vargas is an independent, young, working-class girl, violently swept into another world--a world deemed unrealistic and impossible by many, a world under the mundane one she is so used to. During her physical transition, she has to come to grips with new powers she has been bestowed, and join up with her new 'Lord'--Ryan Price, a gentleman of high social status--and twice her age.

Her 'new family' is a motley crew of young vampires, and among the family are two rebellious twins trying to dethrone Ryan and take over the clan with their own legion of bloodthirsty (and drug-hungry) vamps.

Only Christine can determine the outcome of the oncoming battle and must chose quickly before the unthinkable happens. This is only the start of the strange, twisted, and mystical life Christine is now a part of, as more scarier situations present themselves to her, Ryan, and their delicate ABRAXAS clan--and sometimes, the 'monsters' aren't quite what you'd expect...

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