Friday, February 27, 2009

Take a romp with Sunstruck

By Mayra Calvani

"Salvador Dali meets Terry Gilliam in a surrealistic romp that skewers the society of dilettantes and artistic poseurs. Reading Sunstruck is like having one of those long, convoluted dreams that seem to be totally logical until they twist off into another dimension entirely. Monty Python's Flying Circus would be proud."
-Blue Iris Journal

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Chanukah Guilt & Talk Dirty Yiddish

Chanukah Guilt
By Ilene Schneider
ISBN: 1934041319

Rabbi Aviva Cohen is a 50-something, twice-divorced rabbi living a rather uneventful life in South Jersey. True, she has a family that is rather unconventional. And her first ex-husband is moving to her town. But her life takes a truly interesting – and sinister – turn when she agrees to officiate at the funeral of an unpopular land developer.

She doesn’t expect to be told by two different people that he had been murdered. Nor does she expect that the first funeral will result in a suicide. Her search for the story behind the suicide (or was it murder?) will lead her to discover the truism “appearances can be deceiving” is accurate, while putting her life in jeopardy. (The first in a series.)


Talk Dirty Yiddish
ISBN: 1598698567

Similar to other books on the Yiddish language, Talk Dirty Yiddish is a lexicon of Yiddish words and phrases, transliterated into the Latin alphabet and translated into colloquial English. But it differs from these other books in that it goes beyond being a listing of words and phrases with their translations: each phrase or word is followed by humorous examples of how to use the words in English conversation. The book also contains sidebars on almost every page, as well as appendices, with "fun" trivia, little known facts, history, and background of the language, Judaism, and the Jewish people.

Rabbi Ilene Schneider, Ed.D., has yet to decide what (or who) she wants to be when she grows up. One of the first six women ordained as a rabbi in the U.S., she is currently Coordinator of Jewish Hospice for Samaritan Hospice in Marlton, NJ, near Philadelphia. She can be reached at

Monday, February 23, 2009

Romantic suspense in The Drowning Pool

The Drowning Pool
By Jacqueline Seewald

The sequel to Jacqueline's Seewald's romantic suspense/mystery thriller THE INFERNO COLLECTION can now be ordered from Five Star/Gale.

Kim Reynolds, academic librarian, and Mike Gardner, police lieutenant, are spending a passionate, romantic evening together at Kim's apartment when Mike gets a call about a homicide. Kim and Mike join forces to solve the puzzling death of a man found floating in the locked pool of Kim's garden apartment complex in New Jersey. The victim, a womanizer, had many enemies. The excitement builds when the hunters become the hunted. Join Kim and Mike in this romantic suspense-filled follow-up to The Inferno Collection.

Jacqueline Seewald has taught writing courses including Creative Writing at the high school, middle school and college level and has also worked as an academic librarian and educational media specialist. Seven of her books of fiction have been previously published including the romantic suspense/mystery thriller, The Inferno Collection, published by Five Star/Gale in hardcover in 2007. Her short stories, poems, essays, reviews and articles have appeared in numerous publications such as: Sasee, Affaire De Coeur, Lost Treasure, The Christian Science Monitor, Pedestal, Surreal, After Dark, The Dana Literary Society Journal, Palace Of Reason, Library Journal, The Erickson Tribune and Publishers Weekly.

THE DROWNING POOL is set to be published this month. Please ask your local library to order it so that you can read it.

You can find out more about the author and this by reading her Breakthrough article in the February 2009 issue of THE WRITER Magazine, p. 14.

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Unselfish Gene

The Unselfish Gene
By Robert Burns

It's love and terrorism in the time of cholera. In the mid-21st century, a SARS-like flu has killed billions and turned most of the rest into mindless, stumbling zombie-like invalids. The few humans who had immunity now face the threat of a comet on a collision course with Earth.

Settlers from the Moon colony were spared the disease, but face their own threats to survival: radiation-induced mental illness, a limited gene pool and shrinking resources. The Moon settlers have launched a last-ditch mission to Earth to salvage human DNA and other crucial materials ... before the comet strikes. The salvage crew finds the biggest threat to the mission is neither the zombies or the comet, but insanity within their own ranks.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Recent release: Flutter Bunnies

Flutter Bunnies
By Mel McIntyre

When Mystery's gift arrives, things start going wrong. It's up to Magic and Honey Bunny to make Mystery feel better and save the day - and rescue Mystery from Fancy the Fox. With help from Hooter the Owl and field mice Bubble and Squeak, that's exactly what they do.

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Monday, February 16, 2009

There's A Spider In My Sink!
By Bill Kirk

What's a young boy to do when he discovers first thing in the morning that a spider has moved into the bathroom sink without even asking?

The little creature seems likable enough but after all, a boy’s got hands to wash and teeth to brush and this spider is right in the way.

There's A Spider In My Sink! is an engaging little book, illustrated by Suzy Brown. It contains educational Spider Factoids, four pages of glossary, definitions, activities and an answer page, with a bonus rhyme and verse to sing to music.

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Friday, February 13, 2009

The Slippery Art of Book Reviewing

The Slippery Art of Book Reviewing
By Mayra Calvani & Anna K. Edwards

The Slippery Art of Book Reviewing was written not only with the aspiring reviewer in mind, but for the established reviewer who needs a bit of refreshing, and also for anybody - be they author, publisher, reader, bookseller, librarian or publicist - who wants to become more informed about the value, purpose and effectiveness of reviews.

Are you passionate about books? Do you have the desire to share your thoughts about a book with readers, yet are unsure about what makes a good review? Are you curious about the influence reviews have on readers, booksellers, and librarians? If you’re an experienced reviewer, The Slippery Art of Book Reviewing will serve as an excellent reference tool and amalgam of resources. If you’re a beginner, this book will show you how to write a well-written, honest, objective and professional book review.

It will also teach you:
• How to read critically
• How to differentiate the various types of reviews
• How to rate books
• How to prevent amateurish mistakes
• How to deal with the ethics and legalities of reviewing
• How to tell the difference between a review, a book report, and a critique
• How to start your own review site
• How to publish your reviews on dozens of sites and even make money while you’re at it, and much more.

If you’re an author, publisher, publicist, bookseller, librarian, or reader, this book will also bring to light the importance and influence of book reviews within a wider spectrum.

National Best Books Awards Finalist and EPPIE Finalist.

Required reading at Loyola College, Kent University, and Claremont University.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Three books in one with Abraxas

The Abraxas Series: Books 1-3
By Cinsearae Santiago

Set in Philadelphia, the first three novellas of the ABRAXAS series are combined in one volume, complimented with scenic imagery throughout!

Christine Vargas is an independent, young, working-class girl, violently swept into another world--a world deemed unrealistic and impossible by many, a world under the mundane one she is so used to. During her physical transition, she has to come to grips with new powers she has been bestowed, and join up with her new 'Lord'--Ryan Price, a gentleman of high social status--and twice her age.

Her 'new family' is a motley crew of young vampires, and among the family are two rebellious twins trying to dethrone Ryan and take over the clan with their own legion of bloodthirsty (and drug-hungry) vamps.

Only Christine can determine the outcome of the oncoming battle and must chose quickly before the unthinkable happens. This is only the start of the strange, twisted, and mystical life Christine is now a part of, as more scarier situations present themselves to her, Ryan, and their delicate ABRAXAS clan--and sometimes, the 'monsters' aren't quite what you'd expect...

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Monday, February 9, 2009

Check out this paranormal mystery

His Name is John
By Dorien Gray

Two strangers rushed to the emergency room, but only one survives. So what happens when an ordinary guy who does not believe in spirits encounters a spirit who believes in him, and needs his help not only in finding out who he was, but who killed him?

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Friday, February 6, 2009

'A Prescription for Love'

By Leeanne Marie Stephenson

“Nicole looked into Travis’s piercing blue eyes and gasped upon seeing the flames of passion and desire reflected in them. With a moan, Travis’s mouth came down possessively upon her soft yielding lips. She sighed and molded her body into his, letting go of her self-control.”

Do you desire a consuming, ridiculous, can’t live without you love? Then this is the story for you!!

Head Nurse, Nicole Danley RN, does not intend to permit herself to fall under Dr. Travis Anderson’s spell, but her job demands that she work closely with him on medical matters. She finds herself becoming extremely conscious of his virile appeal. Every time his gaze meets hers, Nicole’s heart turns over in response. A war of undeniable feelings rages inside her as she finds his constant nearness disturbing and exciting.

Emotions run rampant in this raw passionate journey amidst a world of wealth, prestige, and privilege, interlaced with breath taking life and death hospital scenarios. This hard to put down read allows your fantasies to be indulged within this enticing, steamy, sensual romance!!

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ISBN# 1424165075

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

School Girl: Poetry & Prose

School Girl: Poetry & Prose of a Pre and Post Adolescent
A Book of Poetry by Anarda Nashai

From the mind of a child—through the heart of a young woman…
Written in thirteen-year-old dramatic monologue, through to searing confessionalism at seventeen, School Girl, is a most dazzling and unexpected collection of not quite “children’s” poetry. Anarda Nashai gives life to the uninhibited and thought-provoking voice of one child while she uses her poetry as a companion—a confidant that she comes to rely on with each step taken toward womanhood.

About the Author:

Anarda Nashai is a poet and fiction writer from Washington D.C. School Girl is her first collection of poetry, as she has recently completed her first novel to be released in the near future and is currently working on several literary projects. Her interests include international film, psychology, Italian culture, and, of course, reading and writing.

School Girl is available for purchase at
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